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Loss of use? Get lost. | Upgrade: Travel Better
Feb 25, 2007 . I am aware of the credit card companies that do cover loss of use or loss or revenue. . If You damage a vehicle we cannot rent that vehice and you stupid stupid . is “evaluated on the specific circumstances and merits of the claim. . Marriott (8), Maxjet (19), mergers (21), Mesa Airlines (1), microjets (4) .

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Beyond points: Choosing a credit card with which to buy big-ticket ...
Feb 1, 2010 . As much as I am an advocate for point-earning credit cards, sometimes . coverage in the case of damage to the car, I always use a Visa when renting. . I' m actually currently going through an extended warranty claim with mastercard. . Marriott (8), Maxjet (19), mergers (21), Mesa Airlines (1), microjets (4) .

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Car rental companies find new and innovative ways to screw good ...
Jul 3, 2006 . If your card doesn't have such a benefit, call your credit card issuer (or the . The largest number of damage claims I filed were for chips in the .

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IAD-STN-BIO On Maxjet And Easyjet (& Detour Home) — Trip Reports ...
Nov 7, 2007 . Find A Member · Buy Gift Certificates . Wanting just to get away for a weekend, we decided to take Maxjet to Stansted, and then an . explaining that the Maxjet plane for our flight that day suffered some damage, and that our . For our troubles, they gave us each a $500 credit towards a future Maxjet flight.

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Germany to Hawaii
Oct 31, 2007 . No one seemed to mind (credit the plush lounge) but the MAXjet folks . information about Hawaii, including how not to damage the reefs. . In coach, they also sell snacks and only take credit cards for payment, not cash.

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    Policy/Terms and Conditions
    Use of fraudulence credit cards will be prosecuted, and your info will be forwarded to the . due to shipping, we are able to contact UPS and file a damage claim.

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    National Experience: Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones
    The committee uncovered a potential claim against the secured lender and . Maxjet provided luxury intercontinental service between the US and London. . lenders with claims for damages related to credit default swaps and setoffs, and . over fees for a postpetition transaction related to Spiegel's credit card business.

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    Runway Girl: September 2009 Archives
    Sep 29, 2009 . The failure to prevail on some damages claims for late delivery doesn't . The latter, he reveals to Runway Girl, was actually part of MAXjet's . The airline would also take a deposit from the passengers' credit card and this .

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    Q&A: How to get compensation when small airlines collapse | Travel ...
    Aug 29, 2008 . If you buy your tickets with a credit card, and your transaction is more than £100, . and you paid by credit card, but you should claim within a reasonable time. . In recent months Eos and MAXjet - two business class-only carriers that . Dave Carroll couldn't get compensation for damage to his guitar – until .

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    COMP Cams® - Product Support Information
    All orders to individuals can be pre-paid by credit card, or shipped COD for either cash or certified . Any claim for damage must be made to the freight carriers.

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    Frequent Flier Programs - Airfarewatchdog
    They claim to be members of the BBB and ASTA, the American Society of Travel . I would immediately call your credit card company and contest the charges. . York to London: MAXjet (888/435-9629) between New York JFK or Washington, DC . It's due to the fact that the airlines lose, damage, and misdirect an ever .

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    BREAKING!!! - Air India unit - Centaur Hotels' website insecure ...
    Jun 18, 2011 . The next time you check in to the Centaur Hotel at IGI airport New Delhi, and hand over your passport and/or credit card, beware!!!!, you are .

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    Powerhouse Products General Policies and Ordering Information
    Note: All credit cards are subject to a security check. Pricing Information We strive to . Any claim for damage must be made to the freight carriers. Do not return .

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    August | 2011 | the chris uriarte blog
    Aug 27, 2011 . A claimed process is surely patent-eligible under § 101 if: (1) it is . The patent relates to processes for detecting fraud in credit card . However, the patents should be checked to identify the extent of the damage. . The Final Word on Eos, Silverjet, Maxjet and Every Other Business-Class Airline That Tried .

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    Shipping & Returns : SharkShifter, Shifter Kart parts
    Sorry, we do not accept International Credit Cards. All International . Any claim for damage must be made to sharkshifter immediately upon receipt. Be sure to .

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    Eos Airlines files for bankruptcy | Gadling.com
    Apr 27, 2008 . If you were booked on Eos, you're going to need to call your credit card company to explain the situation and dispute the charges. Silverjet is .

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    Legal Notice - PSL Karting [ Kart products ] - CRG Karting
    . entity; and that you will indemnify PSL Racing Products for all claims resulting from . PSL RACING PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY . Of course, we transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit . Longacre Racing Products; MaxJet Jetting Software; Maxter Kart Engines .

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    insurance | Upgrade: Travel Better
    Agents told [customers] that although their [credit] cards covered damage to the vehicle, they didn't cover the additional “loss of use” fee the car company would .

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    Nigeria's Arik Air Launches Nonstop Flights from New York to Lagos ...
    Dec 1, 2009 . Custom Credit Card Consulting · Credit Card Deals · Advertise · About OTR . I could then submit a claim to Arik & the costs for the accommodation . by some liquid and this lead to damage of some of the items contained in the bag. . KLM (1); MAXjet (29); News from Other Airlines Not Listed Here (25) .

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    A Few Words about Why People Hate Airlines, Part 2 | Online Travel ...
    Oct 28, 2010 . Custom Credit Card Consulting · Credit Card Deals · Advertise · About OTR . and suddenly these claims of “something special in the air” rang hollow. . of three is just more collateral damage for the “yield managers” at US Airways. . KLM (1); MAXjet (29); News from Other Airlines Not Listed Here (25) .

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    Airline Bulletin: Low Cost Carriers
    Travel Credit Cards . JetBlue Airways |; Low Cost Carriers |; MaxJet |; Midwest Airlines |; Northwest Airlines . Memphis, and most importantly, New York ( Regardless of the claims to the contrary, . Publicized mistakes can seriously damage good airline brands, as shown with the JetBlue Valentine's Day fiasco last year.

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    Airline Biz Blog | dallasnews.com
    Apr 30, 2008 . With the dance cards of other airlines filling up in terms of partnerships and . that one competitor, MAXjet Airlines, went out of business suddenly on Dec. . We were delighted with the award of damages and this settlement. . refund from your Credit Card Company or travel agent, you can file a claim with .

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    Travel Log Archive by Category
    The credit card company surveyed 1000 card holders who have traveled outside . The women claim in a lawsuit filed in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Monday that NCL failed . If the story in The Post's Business section today about Maxjet Airways . The storm passed to the south, and most resorts sustained only minimal damage.

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    Crunch time: will the credit crisis cast a shadow over all sectors ...
    Jan 1, 2008 . How the credit crunch crisis may affect various sectors in the year ahead. . remains an option amid fears that the credit crunch will claim another banking victim. . generated by the credit crunch, which could damage confidence. . The oil price pushed the business-class airline MAXjet into bankruptcy last .

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    Carbon-neutral airline takes flight - CBC News
    Jan 25, 2007 . Silverjet touts the credits as a means to counterbalance carbon . airline to offer service between London and New York, joining rivals Maxjet and Eos. . They say the offsets actively neutralize damage by supporting energy projects . Syria Syrian troops claim civilian lives despite pressure to end violence .

    Rudy Maxa's Late-Breaking News on MaxaBlog.com
    Mar 8, 2010 . "And the credit goes to Susan McNally, who wrote the script and . --Travel Chums claims to have almost 50000 membes who are all looking for travel companions. Sort of a . --Pay with an American Express card through Sept. . Its competition, MaxJet and eos, had closed, leaving Silverjet as the only .

    STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 26 - Democratic Underground
    I have even read articles claiming that money growth has in fact been . and a global credit crunch increases borrowing costs and damages prospects for growth worldwide. . MAXJet, which operated flights from London to New York, Los . My guess the default rate on credit card payments will be rising.

    ????????[1] echo park paper?? - Casket* blog
    Having your own credit card processing facility increases your credibility in your customers . Two recently launched carriers, EOS Airlines and Maxjet Airways, went . The average cost to fight a claim from even a small agency like the Federal . have been linked to brain damage in infants and liver malfunctions in adults.

    Home Exchange Travels with Nicole I. Frank: HOME EXCHANGE ...
    Feb 3, 2008. swap partners naive and foolish enough to give this thief their credit card numbers. . The owner of the established club went on to claim that: .

    Web editor's blog: Search Results
    Mar 17, 2011 . Customers who booked with tour operators will be able to claim a full refund from ATOL. . Both do damage, neither is strictly speaking necessary; the fact that one is . Craig Daniels (1); crash (1); credit card sales (1); credit crunch (3) . Max Gogarty (1); maxjet (2); Maxjet (1); mccluskey international (1) .

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    It's ALIVE! Race to create world's worst airline heats up
    Apr 29, 2008. incentive program that promises to reward its executives with big bonuses for average scores on the DOT report card. . Let them go the way of ATA, Skybus, Maxjet and EOS. . Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. . Airlines claim passengers are overtaxed — but are they?

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    Why do planes fly with empty seats in business class?
    Sep 28, 2007 . This is happening against the backdrop of mileage programs (airline and credit card) still growing substantially. Consumers have had it up to .

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    European cheap flight updates: 12/05
    Dec 1, 2005. beautiful cities having escaped serous damage in the Second World War. . They flights at £49 return plus £5 credit card and £25 fuel surcharge . MAXjet commenced operation on the New York to London Stansted . airline that subsequently appears on the list should be able to claim compensation.

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    Airline Bulletin: International Carriers
    Mar 19, 2008 . Travel Credit Cards . JetBlue Airways |; Low Cost Carriers |; MaxJet |; Midwest Airlines |; Northwest Airlines . I think this one is much more likely, since United claims that San Francisco is the metro . These groups could do considerable damage to low-cost carriers in the future, and not just in Europe.

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    Airline Bulletin: August 2008
    Aug 8, 2008 . Travel Credit Cards . Low Cost Carriers |; MaxJet |; Midwest Airlines |; Northwest Airlines |; Porter . I don't claim to be a professional photographer, so suggestions or comments on . Publicized mistakes can seriously damage good airline brands, as shown with the JetBlue Valentine's Day fiasco last year.

    Sol Times Newspaper issue 273 Costa Almeria Edition
    Feb 9, 2011 . Néstor Hernández, who went to Miller Bajo to evaluate the damage caused by . spice, farmers have claimed In an article written by Fiona Govan for The Daily . Telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, email and other . abroad when carriers such as Zoom, Maxjet and XL ceased trading.

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    Jeffrey's Blog
    When all of the credit card companies quit processing transactions with Internet . over archrival Feyenoord and surprising Groningen allowed Ajax to claim the . While not quite as highbrow, MAXjet takes a plane built for 200 and only loads 102 . that the lightweights around us more than made up for the damage we did .

    Addressing Emerging Market Opportunities - Travel Distribution ...
    limits to buy credits from other companies and carriers that come in under their caps to sell rights. ? The EU . to carry credit cards / cash – single bill for the entire holiday. • Offer a . damage the environment or will even enhance it . Business class only airlines MaxJet and EOS launched in 2005 – operating from mainline .

    Anatomy of a Theater Company : MEMBER INTERVIEW # 16 ...
    Aug 8, 2010 . The particular let me reveal which experts claim 'tip' is not a rational way of measuring . From damages a fabulous rebounding baseball techniques this excellent . For those who have some credit card you are able to funds an inspection . Since that time, the two EOS Airways as well as Maxjet Breathing .

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    Airbus A320neo vs. Boeing 737-8 MAX: a battle that's just beginning ...
    Dec 19, 2011 . Airbus chooses to use fuel burn as a comparison metric; claims that . Taking fuel burn first, Airbus' claim of the A320neo being 7% more fuel .

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    Use of Insolvent Airlines - Aircraft and Crew
    If they purchased by credit card, they may have recourse to the credit card . Preferential Debts – These include claims by employees for unpaid wages . damage sustained by him in connection with carrying out his functions under the . Other recent failures such as Silverjet, Maxjet and Zoom, whether registered and .

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    Northwest_airlines | Learn everything there is to know about ...
    Subsequently, passengers brought various legal claims against the carrier including . and San Francisco-Guangzhou), and MAXjet (Seattle-Shanghai) in the route competition. . such as car rental companies, hotels, credit cards, and other vendors. . aboard the 727 were injured, but the DC-9 sustained serious damage.

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    Home Exchange Travels with Nicole I. Frank: HOME EXCHANGE ...
    Jan 12, 2011 . Then they balked at canceling their reservation, claiming they would not . to give the new hotel your credit card number by tomorrow at 5pm.

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    Northwest Airlines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    . and San Francisco—Guangzhou), and MAXjet (Seattle—Shanghai) in the route competition. . With the new agreement, the $182 million claim was to eventually be sold for . such as car rental companies, hotels, credit cards, and other vendors. . aboard the 727 were injured, but the DC-9 sustained serious damage.

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    Travel Log Archive by Category
    A passport or the new passport cards will be needed when crossing the U.S. . U.S.-issued credit and debit cards in gas stations, some restaurants and ATM . the next day or taking a Pace Airlines plane rented by MaxJet for this flight. . very unusual case, she's just won $1350 in a small claims court against Spirit Airlines.

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    Acceptatie van Credit / Debit Cards (oa Visa, Mastercard en American Express) als . Kingfisher Airlines Lithuanian Airlines LTU Lufthansa Malmö Aviation MaxJet . belast dan wordt u door Holiday Cars na het indienen van uw claim gecompenseerd. . De CDW (collision damage waiver) is altijd bij de prijs inbegrepen.

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    Easyjet says airlines at the mercy of oil prices | Business | guardian ...
    May 7, 2008 . Harrison claims the company's relatively young fleet - its 157 planes are three . Harrison added that more airlines would join the likes of MaxJet and Eos in . Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer, 0.00%, 22 months, More . EasyJet fears damage to airlines from rising oil price .

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    Rex Ryan: "Only one guy in this league can cover Randy Moss. And ...
    Sep 14, 2010 . Credit Cards · Markets · Photos · Columnists . Tue, 2010-09-14 17:52 - MaxJets . to go all out to repair the media damage to his franchize by such allegations. . They claimed they were a Superbowl team and relished the target on their . I went up to Cards training camp and talked to John Clayton for a .

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    reverse cell phone look up…

    Venus Zine: Art for All
    Feb 13, 2011 . Accept paypal or credit card and free shipping. . The layoffs ended up being something these people regretted searching for do, only to find they claim it had become the . <br /> <br /> Through 2005, Maxjet Air route and EOS Flight . the body and definately will trigger as often damages nearly as good.

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    PlaneBuzz: Godzilla Speaks Archives
    Feb 2, 2010 . In light of this it is not surprising that MaxJet and EOS foundered, nor . put in the baggage compartment - will that be cash or credit card sir?

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    Home Exchange Travels with Nicole I. Frank: WARNING: HOME ...
    Jan 14, 2008 . This club claims to have 21000 members. . "DON'T JOIN AllHomeExchange. com it is a fraudulent club that just wants your credit card number.

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    delta airlines vacations…

    Airline Business: Archives
    2010.01.05: How exposed is your airline to credit card hold backs? 2010.01.04: Smisek's grand entrance; 2010.01.04: Big surprise: low-cost airline credit card .

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    Web editor's blog: Search Results
    Oct 13, 2009 . Hadow claims that oxygen masks weren't working properly because bags . Enter, with grim inevitability, the credit crunch. . his band have been awarded damages after the airline threw them off an aircraft as suspected terrorists. . So is this, or something similar, the technical card that Ryanair played to .

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    Northwest Airlines - eNotes.com Reference
    . and San Francisco—Guangzhou), and MAXjet (Seattle—Shanghai) in the route competition. . Other labor unions at Northwest received similar claims as part of their . such as car rental companies, hotels, credit cards, and other vendors. . experienced a tailstrike resulting in substantial damage upon landing on .

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    To file or not to file
    Feb 21, 2008 . delinquencies and tight credit mar- kets will . counsel for greeting card distributor VWE Group Inc. . debtor, fund the Chapter 11 case and then “set one [ claim] off . The law firm said the suit will seek to recover damages on behalf of those . MAXjet Airways Inc. is preparing to fly into the great beyond.

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    ????????? ?????? ?????? » ??????? ???????
    17 ??? 2011 . maxjet credit card damages claim small business loan online credit ru. articles about business credit, online loans. closed corporation and .

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    Northwest Airlines - Ask Jeeves Encyclopedia
    . and San Francisco—Guangzhou), and MAXjet (Seattle—Shanghai) in the route competition. . Other labor unions at Northwest received similar claims as part of their . such as car rental companies, hotels, credit cards, and other vendors. . as flight NW557, experienced a tailstrike resulting in substantial damage upon .

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    Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign - SSE News Archive - April to ...
    Failure to do this would lead to damage costing much more, the report warned - at . are enabled by having the global connections that airports provide," he claims. . boarding, and another £6.40 for each passenger if you pay by credit card. . They included the "business-class" carriers MAXJet and Eos, and the Hong .

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    debt consolidation scams…

    Amazon.com: Air Transportation: A Management Perspective ...
    For a $6.57 Gift Card . Buy $50 in qualifying physical textbooks, get $2 in Amazon MP3 Credit. . executive team members and Vice President of International Development at MAXjet Airways. . The book explains the contract negotiation process in commendable detail, and does cite damages done by managers like Frank .

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    University Of Washington Travel Center
    10/27/2011: House Passes APEC Business Travel Card... 10/26/2011: Airline . 04/25/2011: Tornado Damages St. Louis Airport... 04/25/2011: . 04/29/2010: Air Canada Transitions to Credit Card... 04/28/2010: . 03/18/2010: Travelers' Claims for Lost or Damaged. . 11/02/2007: Celebrate MaxJet's Second Anniversary.

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    Web editor's blog: Search Results
    Feb 23, 2010. that it's a band complaining about damage to their guitars, and doing it in song. . We recommend instead that people pursue any claims they may have . Craig Daniels (1); crash (1); credit card sales (1); credit crunch (3); cricket . Max Gogarty (1); maxjet (2); Maxjet (1); mccluskey international (1) .

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    Economist Versus Idiot: I Tried, But It's Just Really Hard To Make ...
    -The Indian-Mujahideen again took credit for bombings in Delhi, which resulted . so it's not like either of them are exactly able to claim a position of objectivity. . that hurricane damage that left 2000,000 homeless and severely damaged crops ? . as it's presumed that about 30 more airlines will join MAXjet, Eos, Silverjet, .

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    Bankruptcy Court Of Columbia…

    Archive News & Video for Friday, 07 Dec, 2007 | Reuters.com
    Dec 7, 2007 . Holiday Shoppers Spend $26 Billion on Gift Cards But Are All Gift . US CREDIT- After terrible year, no relief for builders 04:00 PM EST . Coshocton County Memorial Hospital RNs to Strike Despite Hospital's Claim of Financial. . Wife of Tiger Woods wins damages after nude pictures slur 01:57 PM EST .

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    Aircrew Buzz: May 2008
    May 31, 2008 . Silverjet has told passengers to contact their credit card companies or travel . Another competitor, MAXjet, filed for bankruptcy in December of 2007. . had failed at its root, and had caused "considerable damage" to the high . The AP article, citing court documents as a source, claims that the 19-year old .

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All news articles in February 2006
Some people from the UK use their credit cards to pay for holidays, putting them in a position where . A spokesperson for the European Commission has rejected Ryanair's claims that it acted unfairly in . Maxjet Airways will begin flying from Stansted to Los Angeles later this week. . Lighting damages Heathrow runway .