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Funded Debt Definition | Investopedia
Funded Debt - Definition of Funded Debt on Investopedia - A company's debt, such as bonds, long-term notes payables or debentures that will mature in more .

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Debt Ratios: Overview Of Debt | Investopedia
From an investor's perspective, the greater the percentage of funded debt in the company's total debt, the better. Lastly, credit ratings are formal risk evaluations .

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Cash Line Of Credit Total Funded Debt Revenue Gross Profit ...
Total Funded Debt. $-. $5000000. $10000000. $15000000. $20000000. $25000000. $30000000. $35000000. $40000000. $45000000. $50000000. 2006 .

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Debt/Capital Ratio - QFINANCE
However, that complicates calculations and many experts regard it as unnecessary. It is also common to express the formula as total debt divided by total funds, .

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What Is Funded Debt?
A company's funded debt-to-equity ratio represents its long-term debt in relation to its equity. It is an equation that divides a company's funded debt by its total .

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    Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
    Total Debt to Tangible Net Worth. If your business is growing, track this ratio for insight into the distributive source of funds used to finance expansion. Debt Ratio .

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    Summary of CASELLA WASTE SYSTEMS INC - Yahoo! Finance
    Mar 24, 2011 . ? maximum consolidated total funded debt to consolidated EBITDA ratio; . ? minimum consolidated EBITDA to consolidated total interest .

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    CA Codes (fin:7260-7275)
    (d) The total consolidated debt of the company including current liabilities and . on the corporation's total funded debt during those respective fiscal years.

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    Cost of capital / Cost of debt / Cost of equity / Cost of funds / Cost of ...
    WACC = (Proportion of total funding that is equity funding ) x (Cost of equity) + ( Proportion of total funding that is debt funding) x (Cost of Debt) x (1 Corporate .

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    XII. Factors Relating To Income From Mines, Quarries, and Oil Wells
    RATIO OF THE TOTAL INTEREST. ACTUALLY PATD . TO THE TOTAL FUNDED DEBT OUTSTANDING . for 1926 being the highest recorded for this industry.

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    March 6, 2012 MEMORANDUM TO: The Board of Directors FROM ...
    Mar 6, 2012 . The definition would exclude the maximum amount that is recoverable . increase within 12 months in the total funded debt of the borrower.

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    Debt capacity - Financial Definition
    Financial Definition of Debt capacity and related terms: Ability to borrow. The amount a firm . The maximum volume of products or services that can be produced given limitations of space, people, equipment . Debt. Funds owed to another entity. . The percentage of debt that is used in the total capitalization of a company.

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    Debt Information | Investor Center | CEMEX
    View debt information related to CEMEX's maturity profile, credit ratings, public . We have identified 7 areas of the highest concern to our company and our . Total debt plus perpetual notes, 18066. Consolidated funded debt/EBITDA*, 6.64 .

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    A07907 Text - Bills
    . a limit on the total amount of state-funded debt, the refunding of state debts, . Furthermore, New Yorkers bear one of the highest debt burdens in the country.

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    Mezzanine Financing Recapitalization | Newsletter Q1
    In order to determine the maximum debt capacity of a company, issuers and investors will consider a ratio of total funded debt-to-EBITDA of 4. Other factors that .

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    N.Y. BNK. LAW 235 : NY Code - Section 235: Investment of funds
    LAW 235 : NY Code - Section 235: Investment of funds for Lawyers, Law . to meet the maximum annual debt service of the bonds outstanding, and said . times the average annual interest charges on its total funded debt applicable to that .

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    10-Q: TWIN DISC INC - Financial and Business News - MENAFN
    Feb 8, 2012 . Also favorably impacting gross profit as a percentage of sales, total warranty . and a maximum total funded debt to EBITDA ratio of 3.0 at December 30, 2011. . Four quarter EBITDA and total funded debt are non-GAAP .

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    Federal Register | Assessments, Large Bank Pricing
    Mar 27, 2012 . (ii) The ratio of the borrower's total debt to trailing twelve-month EBITDA (i.e., . exclude the maximum amount that is recoverable from the U.S. government, . anytime within 12 months in the total funded debt of the borrower.

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    Debt Impact Study
    service on State-funded debt is projected to total nearly $7.1 billion in SFY . In the past, the State's General Obligation debt earned the highest rating of all .

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    6. Long-term Debt for Continental_Resources (CLR)
    The revolving credit facility has a maximum facility amount of $750.0 million, a borrowing . availability under the Credit Agreement) and a Total Funded Debt to .

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    National Debt
    Of the total debt of England in 1882, upwards of 35 _ millions were in terminable . Exchequer bonds are simply a special form of the funded debt, to be paid off . Sometimes a state may offer a loan to the highest bidders; for example, the city .

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    Summary of PEOPLES EDUCATIONAL HOLDINGS - Yahoo! Finance
    Jan 13, 2012. 62 % 16 % 5 % 17 % Literacy 36 % 16 % 18 % 30 % Total Revenue . among other things, impose a maximum ratio of total funded debt to .

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    Life, Investments & Everything: A Treasure Hunt In Reverse
    Mar 22, 2012 . Unfortunately, the funded debt balance is not the end of FSS' total leverage. . The 4Q2011 report showed the highest book/bill ratio in many .

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    Sample Contracts - Credit Agreement [Amendment No. 2] - Rubio's ...
    . as applicable, based on the ratio of the Consolidated Total Funded Debt to Consolidated EBITDA (the "Leverage . (c) MAXIMUM TOTAL LEVERAGE RATIO.

    Leverage: Definition from Answers.com
    Accounting leverage is total assets minus total liabilities divided by total assets. . Financial over-leveraging means incurring a huge debt by borrowing funds at a lower . If 2 to 1 is the maximum his counterparties will allow him, he has to sell .

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    Revolving Credit Facility (the "revolving - GENERAL BEARING ...
    Oct 23, 2010 . o Maximum Consolidated Funded Debt Ratio: The Borrower shall not permit the ratio of. Domestic Total Funded Debt (including outstanding .

    project costs, a fully funded Debt Service Reserve Fund and Cost of . award such contract, if any, on the basis of lowest cost or highest commission proposed. . WHICH REFLECTS THE TOTAL COST OF FUNDS AND A DEBT SERVICE .

    1 day ago. which, among other things, impose a maximum ratio of total funded debt to EBITDA, a minimum fixed charge coverage ratio and a restriction .

    Horizon Lines Reports Fourth-Quarter 2011 Financial Results ...
    1 day ago . Fuel surcharges accounted for approximately 22.5% of total revenue in the . accounts receivable and customary reserves, with a maximum of $100 million. . As a result of the transactions, the company's total funded debt .

    Masonite Reaches Agreement in Principle with Committees ...
    Mar 3, 2009. LENDERS AND BONDHOLDERS TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE ITS DEBT. . will enable Masonite to reduce its total funded debt by nearly $2 billion, . doors, committed to providing the highest value door products to our .

    Masonite Reaches Agreement in Principle with Committees ...
    Mar 3, 2009. LENDERS AND BONDHOLDERS TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE ITS DEBT. . will enable Masonite to reduce its total funded debt by nearly $2 billion, . doors, committed to providing the highest value door products to our .

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    Undergraduate Loan Questions - How much can I borrow under a ...
    For additional loan funding, consider private student loans which allow you to borrow up . Maximum Total Debt from Stafford Loans, $31000 (maximum $23000 .

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    Lubbock Operating Data 2010 - Tables 1-15 FINAL FROM CITY.XLS
    Per Capita Total Funded Debt Payable from Ad Valorem Taxes. 4187 . Maximum Annual Debt Service Requirements All General Obligation Debt (2012) : .

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    579. The credit of nations by Francis W. Hirst and The trade balance ...
    (A) The funded debt of the German Empire. 57 . end of George the First's reign the total debt funded and un- funded . maximum of 73 an d a minimum of 47.

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    Debt/EBITDA Definition | Investopedia
    A measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its total liabilities by stockholders' equity. It indicates what proportion of equity and debt the .

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    Effects of Super Poison-Put Clauses on Industrial Debt
    lowing a merger, 2) limitations on total funded debt, . include limitations on senior funded debt and restric- . because event risk is highest for industrial firms.

    Report to Bondholders
    inception in 1939 by a work force dedicated to performing at the highest level of expectation . Deferred debt issuance costs. 526576. Total other assets. 846673. TOTAL . Funded debt - water revenue bonds (non-current portion) $38795000 .

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    Capital Structure - benefits
    It should be noted that companies may operate without funded debt or, more . The elusive "optimal" capital structure is that which minimizes the total cost of a .

    Investment Banking Services
    Feb 3, 2012 . Balance sheet restructurings including conversion of debt . A transaction that would transform the Company from being run for maximum employee . 12/31/ 11. Funded debt. 10000. 10000. 10000. 10000. 10000. Total .

    An overview of covenants in large bank loans - page 3 | RMA ...
    106 0.4454 Max. employee loans 64 0.2689 Restrict on investment in . 0.063 Funded debt ratio 11 0.0462 Senior funded debt to EBITDA 2 0.0084 Total debt to .

    Targa Resources Partners LP : and Targa Resources Corp. Report ...
    Feb 23, 2012 . Total funded debt at the Partnership as of December 31, 2011 was $1477.7 million including $498.0 million outstanding under the Partnership's .

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    What Financial Statements Can Tell You About Your Business
    Decline in current assets as a percent of total assets - Businesses have to rely . Also significant is the related rise in funded debt to support such acquisitions, .

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    As of the Petition Date, Stallion had total consolidated funded debt of approximately . Recognizing the need for maximum liquidity while Stallion continued to .

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    X. Gains and Losses of Investors In Each of the Three Classes of ...
    total par value of the funded debt in the hands of individuals and also to the estimated . panies, and street railways had funded debts next in magnitude, when measured in . maximum for mining concerns was reached as early. 1911, and, .

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    Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States
    Debt of the domestic nonfinancial sectors expanded . business debt was $11.6 trillion, and total . State and Local Government Employee Retirement Funds .

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    Long-term debt ratio
    The ratio of long-term debt to total capitalization. . Also called funded debt. . or by setting a maximum on parts of, and/or the entirety of, the capital budget.

    Articles: The Debt Ceiling Charade
    Jul 14, 2011 . The total obligations of the US government include the funded debt (about $14.5 trillion) plus the unfunded liabilities associated with Social .

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    ratio analysis Definition | Business Dictionaries from AllBusiness.com
    . long term, so they look to solvency ratios such as total debt to total stockholders ' equity. . funded debt -calculated by dividing total capital into earnings before interest, . Electric and telephone utilities tend to have the highest payout ratios, .

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    RockTenn Reports Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2012 ...
    Jan 24, 2012 . Total Funded Debt is calculated in accordance with the definition . Our maximum permitted Leverage Ratio under the Credit Facility at .

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    IDFC stat ad new March 2012.cdr
    Mar 12, 2012 . investment manager for three funds and manages a corpus of Rs. 5735.0 million as on . a total long term outstanding debt of Rs. 381579.6 million, and . accounted for the highest proportion at 41.4 per cent., followed by .

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    National Debt
    Oct 6, 2006 . Exchequer bonds are simply a special form of the funded debt, to be paid off generally . Sometimes a state may offer a loan to the highest bidders; . The United Kingdom had diminished its total debt since 1883 by 127 .

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    RockTenn Reports Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2012 ...
    Jan 24, 2012 . "Total Funded Debt" is calculated in accordance with the definition . Our maximum permitted Leverage Ratio under the Credit Facility at .

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    Municipal Indebtedness
    MAx B. MAY, Cincinnati, Ohio. . The total gross funded debt of the City of New . addition to the funded debt, so-called, there were revenue bonds issued in .

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    IDFC stat ad new March 2012.cdr
    Mar 15, 2012 . investment manager for three funds and manages a corpus of Rs. 5735.0 million as on . a total long term outstanding debt of Rs. 381579.6 million, and . accounted for the highest proportion at 41.4 per cent., followed by .

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    Non-state funded debt service costs . Debt service & other commitments . and above the school unit's local contribution to the total cost of funding public . at the budget meeting does or does not exceed the maximum state and local .

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    Untitled - Clpdigital.org
    Going Into DebtChile Ore ContractBig War. Profits. . up for each ambitious man the highest possible . funded debt of $21366000, while its total surplus .

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    1 Sovereign Commitment and Financial Underdevelopment in ...
    Oct 21, 2006 . funded debt attained 60 percent of its total obligations in 1829. . Domestically- issued debt attained its highest level at the end of the Empire in .

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    NOMINAL VALUE OF FUNDED DEBT, 1727-1840 ( m.) . appendix at its maximum in the 1820s the market value of government debt was 2.3 times GNP. . of the total value of debt to GNP is included, net debt sales of 10% of GNP raises .

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    MichCon December 2011 Annual Report
    Mar 19, 2012 . The fair value hierarchy gives the highest priority to quoted prices . the agreements, total funded debt means all indebtedness of the .

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    2: Combining Debt and Pension Liabilities of U.S. States Enhances ...
    The total pension and debt burden highlights different credit characteristics when . pension and debt burden, Connecticut has the highest funding needs, .

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    U.S. Government National Debt: What they Won't Tell You
    But the Social Security Trust Fund and other government trust funds are not in debt. They have trillions in savings and the General Fund (which has the total debt .

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    The impact of technical defaults on dividend policy
    firms faced binding debt covenants in the year they reduced their dividend. . leverage either as funded debt/total assets or funded debt/EBITDA where funded debt . Max. Obs. Maximum number of dividend cuts among dividend-cutting firms .

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    Commercial Finance: Commercial Finance Terms (Joint with ...
    Oct 2, 2011 . Average total assets. Avoidance . Debt. Debt for money borrowed. Debt for tax. Debt index agreement . Total funded debt to cash flow ratio .

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    How the "New Paradigm" Adds Up for New York State Taxpayers
    Estimated and Projected State-Funded Debt . Total spending by New York's state government is measured three ways in the annual state budget: . twice the "middle class" maximum-or up to $120,0000 upstate and $160000 downstate.

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    Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Analysis
    Sources & Uses of Funds; Purchase (Acquisition) Accounting . a small amount of equity (relative to the total purchase price) and uses leverage (debt or other . Determine the maximum purchase price for a business that can be paid based on .

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    Bankruptcy Court Of Columbia…

    for analyses in connection with the security of Government loan funds. It is believed . Insert the sum of total annual debt service payments (principal and interest billed) made on . continuously up to the maximum number of lines provided.

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    Public Law, Chapter 571, Part E, 124th Legislature, Second Regular ...
    The maximum allowable tuition charged to a school administrative unit by a . its authority to expend funds, as provided by the total budget summary article. . " Explanation: Non-state-funded debt service is the amount of money needed for .

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New York State Public Authority Reform: Where We Have Come ...
Between 1985 and 2009, State-funded debt supported with . Canal in 1825, which had been funded by debt issued by New . highest rating (AAA), currently higher than G.O. bonds. In addition . New York's total current debt service costs for .