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Can I do a short sale if I have multiple mortgages
Second and third lien holders, whether they are equity loans, second . This simple fact may make the lenders more receptive to reduced payoffs . In many cases, the bid from the first mortgage company or primary lien holder is the highest or .

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Home Loans. Better Home Loans Also, consumer protection from ...
May 6, 2010 . maximum payoff to second mortgage holder. oregon mortgage quote. jackie cruce community mortgage milledgeville. mortgage rates february .

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Second Mortgages - How To Information |
A second mortgage holder is entitled to foreclose in North Carolina, but it may not be practical to do so. The first, or . How to Negotiate a Lower Second Mortgage Payoff . In a real estate absolute auction, the highest bidder wins the property.

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How Does the Second Mortgage Get Paid After a Short Sale ...
Many short sales leave little or no money for the second lien holder. . The maximum the short sale could generate is $200000. . A short sale in real estate is when the bank that owns the mortgage on the home accepts a payoff of that.

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Working Short Sales With A Second Mortgage
When the first mortgage does not receive their full payoff, the second . This is why most second and third mortgages, as well as lien holders, will accept 10 .

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    Second Mortgage Loan Questions & Answers
    Answers to frequent questions concerning second mortgage loan programs. . to payoff your second mortgage, or your second mortgage lien holder will have to . basis up to the maximum credit line amount for the first ten years, after which, .

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    second mortgage financial definition of second mortgage. second ...
    In a foreclosure, no money can be paid to the second mortgage holder until all . Using a Second to Avoid Jumbos: Jumbo loans are larger than the maximum .

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    Analysis on the Short Sale “Wrinkle (2nd Lenders, PMI, and ...
    Apr 8, 2010 . You must also know what the first mortgage holder will require. . they want for a maximum loss, but what really matters is the situation the . mortgage offers the holder of the second a 5 percent payout to close the transaction.

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    Short Sale Tips | Walkaway Foreclosures
    Often the commission will have a maximum stated by the Lender/Investor. Tip: In preparing . Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st .

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    Chase | ForeclosureRadar
    The delays are costing Chase doubly as mortgage payments are missed and . the non-performing and toxic WaMu assets to provide the highest yield to the bank. . my own money in escrow toward the payoff as a condition for them to release . the first mortgage holder, and GreenTree, the second mortgage holder, a few .

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    What is a Real Estate Short Sale
    First mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 2nd Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st Lender may ask for an .

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    A lien holder can be a short sale stopper
    May 4, 2010 . I can sell my home now and pay off the first and second mortgages. . That means if that mortgage holder were to foreclose on your property, .

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    Mortgage short sale stay in home?
    The second mortgage holder gets a little, just enough so they are willing to release the . The best time to negotiate all this is when you are in maximum financial trouble. . The lender accepts a payoff that is "short" the full amount of the loans.

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    Feb 9, 2012. to make and receive payoffs, and to divert money to co-conspirators that would . gone to mortgage holders and others by holding second, private auctions . who submitted the highest bids in the second, private auctions.

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    Sell Home Now - REOSHORT-SALE REALTORS Of Memphis TN
    Authorization to Release Mortgage Information *. Max file size: 20MB . a payoff amount from the 2nd; Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from .

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    EMC Mortgage / JP Morgan-Chase - EMC Mortgage Extortion - Lane ...
    Jan 23, 2009 . Both the first lien holder (JP Morgan "AKA EMC Mortgage Corp" using Lane Roberts as Negotiator II) and the second lender (National City) accepted the terms and the payoff . stealing money from the second mortgage holder; . EMC Mortgage is in first position, your assets are worth $8500 max per loan .

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    ForeclosureA lawsuit where a lender-mortgage holder can collect on an unpaid . Second mortgage (or just second)A mortgage that has the next highest . Payoff balanceThe total amount that is required to completely pay off a note .

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    In a short sale, what are my options when the 2nd mortgage holder ...
    Nov 9, 2010 . If they accept a small payout, how do I negotiate debt Find answers to this and many other questions on . In a short sale, what are my options when the 2nd mortgage holder won't play ball? . Highest rated; Recent; Oldest .

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    SECOND MORTGAGE/HIL SERVICING TRANSMITTAL . Is Freddie Mac the owner of the superior lien mortgage? . Date of contact with superior lien holder: . D Payoff statement for the first lien (include pending expenses) . Amount paid for appraisals or BPOs ordered, up to the allowable maximum (Exhibit 57), unless .

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    Lenders Choosing to Foreclose Instead of Short Sale Approval
    Feb 7, 2011 . Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty . There is a 1st mortgage on the property for $310000 and a 2nd mortgage for $50000. . During the negotiation process the 2nd lien holder is offered $5000 in order to approve the short sale and . They will not accept the short sale payoff of $5000.

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    What if I cannot pay my second mortgage balloon payment ...
    Apr 7, 2009 . Darrell, a second mortgage balloon payment is like any other payment . A short sale is where you ask the lender(s) for a reduced payoff to facilitate the sale. . If you don't, the home will be auctioned to the highest bidder at the court house steps. . Once the first mortgage holder gets notified of the second's .

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    Keeping your house through mortgage restructuring |
    Jun 7, 2009 . The second mortgage holder, Citigroup Financial, has refused loan . I believe that they want the maximum payout which is only possible after .

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    Step 2: Required Documents for a Short Sale - Gidget Jackson Your ...
    If you have a second mortageg considerations must be made for that payoff. Second mortgage holders require the same package as the first mortgage holders. . these forms without the express written approval of RE/MAX Island Realty.

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    Refinancing Your Home Equity Line of Credit
    Mar 31, 2012 . Found out we had with a second mortgage or HELOC with Regions for 28000. . The LTV is less than 50% (1st and HELOC max combined), so no worries there. . See Can a Second Mortgage Holder Foreclose? to learn more. . Payoff · Home equity to pay student loan debts · 2nd Mortgage and PMI .

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    How Can You Refinance Your 2nd Mortgage With a New Mortgage ...
    Second mortgages often have higher interest rates than their first mortgage . the holders of your old first and second mortgages and complete the payoff for you.

    Foreclosure Process
    Foreclosure is the legal process in which the mortgage holder legally takes back the . Junior liens (second mortgages or lines of credit) do not reattach to the property . If the highest bid is not enough to cover the first mortgage payoff, then all .

    Great No-Money-Down Techniques
    Mar 30, 2010 . In this method, the seller pays off the first mortgage using the money that comes from . you just have to extend the payoff period for maximum profits. . the mortgage holder and work with him to move his mortgage to second.

    Qualify My Mortgage for Loan Modification Bailout Government Loan ...
    Our service is not about Bankruptcy or a second mortgage either. . Sheet First mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 2nd Second . buyers, putting your value proposition at the center to generate the highest possible offer.

    Supplemental Directive 09-09 Revised: Home Affordable ...
    Mar 26, 2010 . mortgage payoff acceptable to the servicer. . subordinate mortgage/lien holder( s) in exchange for a lien release and full release of borrower .

    Invest In Arizona Properties: Short Sale Information
    Second, you could let the home go into foreclosure. . your home and then auction it off to the highest bidder at a foreclosure or Trustee's auction. . a payoff amount from the 2nd; Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the .

    Canton GA homes for sale
    The lender gets the highest price for a quick sale at a market price. The borrowers get . o The second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st .

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    Lenders Pursue Mortgage Payoffs Long After Homeowners Default ...
    Jan 28, 2010 . In states such as Florida, courts give mortgage holders as long as five years . Second mortgage holders are freezing bank accounts to get their .

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    Whats A Short Sale | Shortsale Sacramento
    Second, you could let the home go into foreclosure. . your home and then auction it off to the highest bidder at a foreclosure or Trustee's auction. . a payoff amount from the 2nd; Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the .

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    Huntingdon Valley Bank - Home Mortgage
    . are purchasing the home. There are also maximum mortgage amounts so check with us to see if you qualify. . Second mortgage payoff: $ . Huntingdon Valley Bank will be the first or second mortgage lien holder on your primary residence.

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    Idaho Falls, Rigby and Rexburg, Idaho Real Estate Listings ...
    Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st. Lender may ask for an Initial Title Report FHA and VA may have their own forms and special .

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    Las Vegas Homes For Sale - Summerlin Homes - Green Valley NV ...
    Second, you could let the home go into foreclosure. . your home and then auction it off to the highest bidder at a foreclosure or Trustee's auction. . for a payoff amount from the 2nd; Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from .

    Foreclosed after bankruptcy? Its possible |
    Jul 12, 2011 . You can strip a lien from an underwater second mortgage in a Chapter . without filing bankruptcy -- a junior mortgage holder cannot demand .

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    OHIO HHF Revised Plan
    First mortgage debt less than the FHA maximum loan amount; . deed-in-lieu agreement. First and second mortgage holders must accept less than full payoff.

    DU REFI PLUS - No Media Coverage - Mortgage News Daily
    Mar 6, 2009 . DU Refi Plus loan casefiles will not be subject to a maximum CLTV or HCLTV ratio. . SUBORDINATING A CURRENT SECOND MORTGAGE. . 2nd lien holder to subordinate the second mortgage behind the new first mortgage. . -the payoff of the unpaid principal balance on the existing first mortgage (no .

    The Mortgage Porter: Home Equity Loans & Second Mortgages
    Dec 15, 2011 . This isn't something that the second mortgage is required to do - it is up to the second mortgage lien holder IF they will allow the subordination .

    When the original creditor on a second mortgage charges off the ...
    . as the original creditor has probably already tried applying the max legal pressure (hiring a . If original mortgage is current can a different second mortgage holder foreclose on a charge off? . Now it is tough for a second mortgage company or bank to foreclose, reason being that there are. . Learn about Short Pay-Off .

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    Realty Times - Junior Lien Holders May Be Key To HAFA Success
    May 18, 2010 . Naturally, the second wants to discount as little as possible. . The first mortgage holder might say, I won't allow more than $5000 of the sale . Thus a senior lien holder might have allowed a $3000 payoff to a . The incentive for the first mortgage holder, still at $1 for $3, would now be a maximum of $2000.

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    What Is A Short Sale
    the highest bidder at a foreclosure or Trustee's auction. The third option is . Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st . Lender may ask .

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    Abri Credit Union - Accounts & Services - Loans - Home Equity - FAQs
    If this loan is for a bridge loan, meaning this will be a second mortgage on your . maximum loan to value is limited to 90% for the first and second mortgages combined. . At the time of payoff, an early closure fee up to $350 will be added to the . a statement from your first mortgage holder, as well as authorization to check .

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    Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commisioners
    May 7, 2008 . This mortgagee letter also clarifies guidance issued in Mortgagee Letter 2005-43 . that cannot be refinanced into the FHA insured mortgage (a short pay-off); or . the existing note holder or other interested party may take back a second lien by the . Calculating the Maximum FHA Mortgage Amount .

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    Real Estate Gurus - Articles - Foreclosure: Master the Mechanics ...
    The secured parties are usually second mortgages, lien holders, child . The letter shall state the property description, amount of the principal, payoff value in full, . This means that the highest bidder at the auction, by buying the property, must .

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    Mortgage Fraud Blog - 3 Foreclosure Bid Riggers Charged and ...
    Feb 15, 2012 . Mortgage and Fraud and the Law, Oh My! . at public auctions, to make and receive payoffs, and to divert money to co-conspirators that would have gone to mortgage holders and others by holding second, private auctions . Each count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud carries a maximum sentence of 30 .

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    Short Sales - Brosda & Bentley Realtors - Miami Real Estate Agents
    Aug 12, 2009 . There are many potential reasons a lender will allow a lower payoff. . many 2nd mortgage holders will accept as little as $1000.00 in lieu of a full payoff. . I've been encouraging RE/MAX sales associates to obtain the CDPE .

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    Which Mortgage do I Pay Off First? My 1st or 2nd? | Budgets Are Sexy
    Aug 17, 2011 . I concentrate on the 1st mortgage 100% since it has the highest interest rate . have to worry about a 2nd lien holder on your house holding up it's sale. . obviously, but mine has a 10 year draw and then a 15 year payoff.

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    What information will the bank need to decide whether to accept a ...
    Net Sheet First mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 2nd. Second mortgage holder may ask for a payoff amount from the 1st .

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    Matt Stoller: Some Observations on the Second Lien Problem ...
    2 days ago . Mortgage-related Observations on Today's Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase . would go to the first mortgage holder (usually some investor in a pension fund somewhere). . There's a mix of healthy payoffs and unhealthy charge-offs. . I can draw on it up to the maximum for the first 10 years of the credit line, .

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    Seller Financing
    That's NINETEEN PERCENT for a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage! . rate mortgage and the seller provided or "carried" a second or junior mortgage. . In many cases, the highest bidder is the lender that initiated the process and that . That way, if the buyer defaults, the 2nd mortgage holder will usually keep your .

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    Second mortgages - Bay Mortgage Corporation
    In the event of default, the holder of the second mortgage is subordinate to the first. . is an open line of credit tied to an equity-based maximum loan amount.

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    refinance Home Loan Information
    Georgia Mortgage Expert · GA Hud Homes · Conforming Loan .

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    Foreclosure Evolution by Jonathan A. Goodman, Esq. and Karen J ...
    Because a significant percentage of second mortgage holders fail to redeem, the . Under the old statute, if the certificate of purchase holder (i.e. the highest . to include prepayment penalties in the calculation of the mortgage payoff within the .

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    Home Equity Loans | Current Home Equity Loan Rates
    Mortgage Payoff Calculator · APR Calculator · Amortization Schedule Calculator . Home equity loans are also known as second mortgages because they are . Divide the number by 80%, and bingo you now have the maximum amount . is not able to foreclose on the property without paying off the first mortgage holder .

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    does debt consolidation hurt your credit rating…

    Short Sales in NC: May 2010
    May 19, 2010. your deal for maximum profit within a timely fashion (45 days max.) . If there is a second or third mortgage on the property these banks . If the secondary lien holder is made aware of an upcoming . accept a discounted payoff to salvage something from the mortgage instead of possibly receiving nothing.

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    debt consolidation hurt your credit score…

    i just sold my house by short sale. the second mortgage wants me to ...
    Jul 27, 2010 . As the previous answers note, unless the second mortgage holder agreed to a reduced or no payoff, you still owe the money. You agreed to .

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    christian debt consolidation program…

    Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit :: Affinity Federal Credit Union
    Comparing mortgages (i.e. 15, 20, 30 year) . The maximum APR that may be charged is 18%. . 3 NOTE: The GreenSmart Home Equity Loan program is for new home equity loans only; it is not available to payoff existing loans with AFCU or any other . insurance (flood/ homeowners) listing Affinity as a second lien holder.

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    bad credit home loan nevada…

    commercial lender | Commercial Loans Blog
    The Operating Expense Ratio in Commercial Mortgage Underwriting I . estate lenders determined the maximum size of their commercial mortgage loans using the . The second mortgage holder and the mechanics lien holder should have banded together and each chipped in enough dough to payoff our first mortgage.

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    Can second mortgages foreclosure
    If you had a second mortgage, the second mortgage holder would make sure they . why second mortgages are so much more willing to take a reduced payoff on a . I am right next to Cape Coral , FL which has almost the highest foreclosure .

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    will debt consolidation hurt my credit…

    Jul 13, 2009 . has a slideshow of cities with the highest percentage of homes with . The second mortgage holders generally have to consent to mortgage . are far enough underwater that the second doesn't expect any payoff.

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    payday loan debt consolidation assistance…

    Ohio : Financial Institutions : FAQ
    I need to get a mortgage lien released and the original holder of the . institution and possibly merged again with a second financial institution, how do I . What is the maximum amount that a financial institution may charge for . to release mortgage liens no later than 90 days after payoff or be subject to a $250 civil penalty.

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    Collecting all the interest due on the mortgage | Mortgage Banking ...
    The recoverable interest on a mortgage in default is at times likely to be more than, . it can help ensure maximum recovery in any or every foreclosure action. . recently by case law explaining that because the mortgage holder was being . not only because it must be understood to calculate what is due for payoff or for .

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    Bankruptcy Court Of Columbia…

    Rational Prepayment and the Valuation of Mortgage-Backed ...
    (1981a,b) model the optimal prepayment strategy of a mortgage holder who incurs no costs . This re- duces the value of keeping their option unexercised, while the payoff . maximum likelihood to estimate their prepayment model. However, . the weighting matrix for the second-stage estimator in Equation (33) requires .

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    Administration Releases Service Member and Refinance Changes ...
    Mar 14, 2012 . The loan-to-value is capped at 97.75 percent, while the maximum combined . the payoff of second liens at the discretion of the first lien holder as long as . TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard or a manual underwriting, the maximum .

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Short Sale Reforms Could Speed Recovery - RE/MAX
Dec 1, 2009 . RE/MAX Chairman Lauds Government Action. (Denver, CO . Limits Proceeds to Second Lien Holders Second mortgage holders can only receive up to. $3000 of the . can collect up to $1000 for allowing such payoffs.