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FinAid | Loans | Student Loans
Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP) loans or "Direct Loans", . loans with unsubsidized loans to borrow the maximum amount permitted each year.

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Federal Direct Stafford Loan - Student Aid on the Web
U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid logo (Start Here. Go Further. . There are limits on the maximum amount you are eligible to receive each academic year (annual loan limit) and in total (aggregate loan limits). These limits .

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Stafford Loan Frequently Asked Questions < Stafford Loan ...
Research and apply for a federal Stafford Loan and other forms of financial aid at . For example: The Stafford Loan limit maximum for a freshman student is $3500 . You have to apply every year because each year, the amount of aid you are .

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Federal Student Loan Tips - Perkins Loan - Stafford Loan
Chase Tip: Another federal student loan is the Perkins Loan. The maximum amount that may be awarded for a Perkins Loan is $4000 per year as an .

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Federal Direct Student Loans |
Loan Limits per Academic Year: Please refer to the following chart for the maximum amount students may borrow in Federal Direct Student Loan per academic .

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    Federal Student Loans
    The Federal Stafford Loan allows students enrolled at least half time to borrow . Federal Stafford Loan maximums are $3500 per year in the freshman year, $4500 per . The yearly maximum for the Federal Stafford Loan is available for Fall, .

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    Student loans in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Federal student loans made to students directly: The student makes no . and unsubsidized limits): $5500 per year for freshman undergraduate students, . the maximum aggregate limit of subsidized and unsubsidized loans combined is .

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    Federal Direct Stafford Loans - Texas Guaranteed Student Loan ...
    Federal Direct Stafford Loans are low-interest loans available to . (COA), the student's year in school, the student's expected family contribution (EFC, as calculated by ED . Each school determines the COA an estimate of that student's educational . The student may accept the maximum loan amount offered or a lesser .

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    Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan borrowing limits
    (except students whose parents are unable to borrow a PLUS Loan) . Third year and beyond total (each year) $7500 (maximum $5500 subsidized) . Subsidized Loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized or .

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    Federal Student Loans - Elizabethtown College
    For students who borrow the annual maximum Federal Direct Loan each year and graduate in four years, their cumulative Direct/Stafford Loan borrowing will .

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    Federal Loans
    Please refer to the Annual Loan Limit Chart for the maximum amount students may borrow in Federal Stafford Loans per academic year. Back to top .

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    Getting Your Head Around Student Loans - American Student ...
    There are many different types of federal and private education loans offered to students . Graduate students can borrow up to $8500 per year for a maximum of .

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    SELF Loans | Affordable Student Loans
    SELF Loan - Low-cost student loan - variable interest rate 4.0% through 6/30/12 or fixed rate . Because the SELF program is not subsidized by the federal or state . per year with a cumulative maximum of $50000 for undergraduate loans and .

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    Federal Loan Information - Welcome to the Financial Aid Office ...
    Before applying for a federal loan, a student must submit a Free Application for . determine the maximum amounts and types of loans for which the student and . as regular students in eligible programs may be able to borrow per year up to: .

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    Student Resources
    The Federal Direct Loan is a federal education loan designed to help . $4000 per year as an undergraduate student with an aggregate maximum of $20000.

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    Federal Perkins Loans - Guide to the Needs-Based Federal Perkins ...
    Federal Perkins Loan Borrowing Limits: The maximum Perkins Loan amount a student can receive in any year is determined by whether they're an .

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    Federal Loans | Student Loan Borrower Assistance
    Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loans FFEL . The maximum interest rates, and many of the important terms of federal loans are . The limits vary for each year of study, depending on the length of the program and the student's .

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    Financial Aid Federal Direct Student Loans - Lander University
    A Federal Direct Student Loan is a low interest rate loan made to a student enrolled at least . A student will be awarded the maximum subsidized loan before being awarded an unsubsidized loan. How much can a student borrow each year?

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    Student Loan FAQ: Get Answers to Common Student Loan ...
    Whether it's how to apply for a Federal Stafford Loan to how to get an official . The maximum you can borrow each year is determined by your individual school.

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    What is the max I can get in Stafford loans? | Student Loans : News ...
    Apr 28, 2010 . We get a lot of questions in our financial aid forum relating to what the ceilings are per year for federal student loans, so let's explore the figures .

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    Undergraduate Loan Questions - How much can I borrow under a ...
    Determine how much you can borrow using a Federal loan, also known as a . Loan limits below are for the 2010-2011 academic school year. . Based on your award letter, you may not always qualify for the maximum Stafford Loan amount. For additional loan funding, consider private student loans which allow you to .

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    STUDENT FINANCIAL AID - Federal Programs/Grants/Loans
    Feb 2, 2010 . Summary: Federal Programs/Grants/Loans. . Department of the Interior - Maximum grant depends on tribal policy. . Each year, about 15 million students apply for grants, work-study, and loans for college using the FAFSA.

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    Yale University Financial Aid > All About Education Loans
    This is a federal student loan program for those students . and who first borrow the maximum Federal Direct Loan before requesting a Perkins. . Loan Amount, $4000 per year limit; $20000 total .

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    Loans and Grants
    Mar 9, 2012 . To be considered for Federal Financial Aid, you must complete the Free Application for . maximum award is $5550.00 per academic year . Important: If you choose to accept a student loan, you must then complete an .

    The following information on the Federal Student Loan Programs is meant to give . must file a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. . loan program available to as many of our students as possible, the maximum .

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    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity ... - Student Loans
    Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are need-based grants, and the FSEOG program is the second-largest . The maximum FSEOG Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant award is $4000 per year.

    The University of Tennessee: Types of Financial Aid - Loans
    Federal Stafford loans are fixed-rate federal student loans for undergraduate and . details the maximum annual amounts, if eligible, that you can borrow at each . unsubsidized loan funds per academic year as determined by other eligibility .

    Students are eligible to borrow a maximum of $20500 per academic year through the Federal Direct Loan Program. Additional Loans (to supplement Federal .

    Graduate FAQs
    Eligibility for Graduate Student loans and Federal Work Study are determined . a FAFSA and a Graduate Aid Application prior to May 31st each year. . The maximum amount that a graduate student may borrow in an academic year is $8500.

    University of New Haven : Federal Direct Student Loan
    Federal Direct Student Loan Maximum Amounts For Graduate Students: Maximum Total Loan Amount per Academic Year (up to Cost of Attendance) = $20500.

    Federal Student Financial Aid For College - Federal Aid - Financial ...
    Unlike the Federal Pell Grant Program, which provides every eligible student with funds, . a certain amount of funds each year from the federal government for each program. . Maximum loan amounts depend on your grade level in school.

    Student Loans | Kendall College | Kendall College
    The Subsidized Federal Student Loan program provides low interest loans through the . for students who are attending at least half-time (6 credits per quarter). The maximum annual loan amount for the first academic year (grade level 01) is .

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    FAQs - Student Loan Administration: Guide - Apply
    Non-Federal loan applicants: Each year you must complete the University of Chicago . I want to request the maximum dollar amount of student loans. How do I .

    Services - Financial Aid - IUP
    You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). . These loan limits apply per academic year, which is defined at IUP as Fall/Spring . The maximum amount a dependent undergraduate may borrow in total for his .

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    Federal Perkins Loan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A Federal Perkins Loan, or Perkins Loan, is a need-based student loan offered by . limits for undergraduates are $5500 per year with a lifetime maximum loan of $27500. For graduate students, the limit is $8000 per year with a lifetime limit of .

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    Student Loans - TWU Financial Aid - Texas Woman's University
    The maximum loan amount per student will be the minimum payment . Entrance loan counseling is required EACH year for Federal Perkins Loan borrowers.

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    Types of Financial Aid
    Maximum $1000 per year; Available to undergraduate students; Priority to . Arizona/Federal/Institution - Leveraging Education Assistance Partnership (LEAP ) . Maximum loan per year for both independent and dependent students: Year .

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    What types of student loans are available for law school students?
    . upon the need. But it never hurts to apply for the Federal Perkins Loan. . delayed and capitalized. Students can borrow up to a maximum of $10000 per year.

    Brown University - Brown Loan Office General Information ...
    Federal Perkins Loan (Student); Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan . Loan Limits, $5500 Undergraduate per year, $8000 Graduate per year. . Minimum of $40 per month over a maximum repayment period of 10 years.

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    Loans - Types - Financial Aid & Scholarships - Student Financial ...
    Managing Your Federal Student Loans; Federal Perkins Loan . If you have successfully completed fewer than 10 courses, you may borrow up to $3500 per year. . Once your Direct Loan reaches maximum level, it is unlikely that you will be .

    Types of Aid
    Amounts vary according to need. Currently, the maximum is. $4000 per year. Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford. Loan. Based on financial need.? Student must .

    Get the government to pay off your student loans ...
    Oct 28, 2008 . Federal agencies and state governments will help pay off students . per calendar year, with a cumulative maximum of $60000 per employee; .

    Graduate Stafford Student Loan - Graduate Federal Stafford loans ...
    Graduate Stafford federal student loans offers low fixed interest rate graduate Stafford . less other financial aid received, your year in school and your status as a student. . Students may not always qualify for the maximum amount - check with your . Standard Repayment: requires you to pay a fixed amount each month -- at .

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    In Canada They're Doing Nursing Education Right | The Nursing Blog
    Mar 23, 2011 . Family physicians will be eligible for federal Canada Student Loan forgiveness of up to $8000 per year to a maximum of $40000, starting in .

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    College Financial Aid Information for Online Students | Student Loans
    Read more about financial aid for online students, including types of federal aid . students, the maximum Federal Pell Grant award for full-time, full-year . Undergraduates can receive up to $5500 per year; graduates can receive up to $8000 .

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    Federal Direct Stafford Loans
    Annual maximum is $20500 per year: $8500 subsidized Stafford, $12000 . If you are in default or in a late payment status on any of your student loans, aid for .

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    Graduate School Loans | Keller Graduate School of Management
    Borrow directly from the federal government and have a single contact the Direct . The maximum subsidized loan for an academic year is $8500. . Students may borrow up to their cost of attendance minus any other aid per academic year.

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    Federal Direct Loans - Financial Aid - CUNY
    The interest rate varies each year on new loans and is adjusted each July 1st. . the maximum a 3rd year student could borrow in federal direct loans is $7500.

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    Perkins Student Loans: Low Interest Government Loans Student ...
    Say an undergraduate student is able to take the maximum Perkins Loan amount of $4000 each year at 5% interest. The government will pay the student's .

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    Bethune-Cookman University - Types of Loans
    The student is always the applicant/borrower, and annual maximum loan . Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP) loans administered by the . Eligible freshmen may borrow up to $3500 per year, sophomores up to 4500; and juniors .

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    Federal Loans - The Graduate School - Northwestern University
    To be eligible for federal loan assistance, a student must satisfy all of the following . student may borrow in subsidized Stafford funds is $8500 per academic year. . The maximum amount of both subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loan .

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    The 4 Best Grad Student Loans - US News and World Report
    Apr 15, 2010 . Of course, cheap federal student loans are not offered to . There is a maximum lifetime limit of $40000, including undergraduate Perkins debt. . borrow no more than $8500 through the subsidized Stafford program each year.

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    Loans | Michigan Tech Admissions
    The subsidized loan is based on financial need, and the federal government . Amount: a dependent student may borrow up to $5500 per academic year as a . per academic year as a junior or senior; the cumulative maximum is $31000.

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    Mar 7, 2012 . Student loans can be added to your award at your request anytime during the . Federal regulations limit these loans to $5500 per year and $27500 for the . The minimum monthly repayment is $50 and the maximum .

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    University Programs - TCU: Office of Financial Aid
    To fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid click on the link below. . The maximum amount of Stafford loans per year for graduate students is $20500.

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    Loan Programs | Student Financial Services | Adelphi University
    Juniors and seniors (60 or more credits) $5500* per year. Maximum loan amounts for independent students are .

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    JHU Student Financial Services | Graduate Students | Loans
    Federal Direct Student Loan (also known as Federal Stafford Loan) . The maximum subsidized loan for a graduate student is $8500 per academic year. . Graduate students may borrow up to a maximum total of $20500 per academic year.

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    Student Financial Services : Federal Direct Subsidized and ...
    Also known as Federal Direct Stafford Loans and the William D. Ford Direct Loan . on the maximum amount students are eligible to receive each academic year .

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    Dental School : : Financial Aid
    The maximum loan is the cost of tuition and $2500 per year by law. . A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed and on file prior to .

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    FinAid | Loans | Repayment Plans
    There are four main repayment plans for Federal education loans, consisting of . you can do so once per year, so long as the maximum loan term for the new .

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    The Federal Direct Loan Program provides low-interest loans to students . Clarion will automatically certify the maximum loan amount each year for full time .

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    Student Financial Services :: Loans
    Students applying for federal student loans must complete a Free Application for . 1st each year will be processed as two-semester (Fall+Spring) loan periods. . annual loan maximum eligibility under the William D. Ford Direct Student Loan .

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    Loan Programs - Financial Aid & Scholarships
    Information included on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . hours per the Office of Graduate Studies policy) to receive a loan and remain . The maximum Federal Perkins Loan award amount for undergraduate students is typically $4000. . students is typically $6000 (up to $4000 for the academic year and up to .

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    Types of Financial Aid
    The maximum a Master's student may borrow per year is $8500 in subsidized Federal Stafford Loans and $10000 in unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans.

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    Borrower Disclosure - Maharishi University of Management
    Your financial aid award letter displays the maximum amount of federal and state grants . The first loan to be packaged to each student is the Federal Direct Stafford . The limits of loan eligibility are as follows: $3500 for a first year student , .

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    ECMC | Financial Awareness Basics | Federal Student Loan Programs
    Information about federal student loans; The Federal Stafford and Federal PLUS Loan . Undergraduate students: $4000 per year, up to a maximum of $20000 .;jsessionid=201D5D2267CA35D44481401153588023?id=1103

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    Erikson Institute: Student loans
    Stafford loans are low-interest Title IV federal loans made directly to students by the . The maximum loan amount is $8500 per year for master's degree and .

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    Financing Graduate Study - US graduate schools, masters ...
    Graduate students can borrow up to $20500 of Federal Stafford Loans per year . professional students are eligible to receive up to $8000 per year (maximum of .

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Dental Medicine | Financial Aid
The Stafford Loan program offers low interest federal education loans. . Students may borrow a maximum of $47167 in Stafford loan funds per academic . Stafford loan amount for final year is based on COA for two semesters and will be no .