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Debt service coverage ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general, it is calculated by: DSCR = (Annual Net Income + . and divide it by the property's annual debt service, which is the total .

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Debt Service Calculator
Level annual debt service. ANNUAL payment. TOTAL debt service. Equal Annual Principal Payment. MAXIMUM payment (1st year). MINIMUM payment (last .

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How investors evaluate the creditworthiness of hospitals - includes ...
Annual debt service is the current principal portion of bonds payable, plus the . is to calculate the debt service coverage of the projected maximum annual debt . A small debt service margin gives a hospital maximum financial flexibility if a .

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Hca Ratio Analysis - Term Papers - Sexxygerman40
Feb 6, 2012 . Cost of goods sold—operating revenue of a hospital—divided by ending . To calculate the debt service coverage ratio, you need the maximum .

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FHA Section 242/223(f)
Acute-care hospitals. Refinance . Additionally, the maximum loan amount for both refinancing and . equal to 1.4 when calculated from the three most recent annual audited . 4) The hospital's annual debt service is in excess of 3.4% of total .

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    competition from hospitals in the service areas of the Corporation and the . Historical pro forma coverage of maximum annual debt service is calculated by .

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    Hospital Bond Rating- and Its Implications
    ability of the hospital to meet the maximum debt service on the new issue from . expense, to the estimated maximum annual principal and interest on all . data available to calculate this ratio were limited; however, using the data that were .

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    Sep 17, 2004 . Key Hospital Financial Statistics and Ratio Medians – . should be compared using the same definitions and methods of calculations. . IHFPB's standard for the maximum annual debt service was 1.75 times as compared to .

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    242.23 Maximum mortgage amounts and cash equity requirements. . Debt service ratio is calculated as follows: Debt Service Coverage Ratio (total debt . annual financial statement contains results that would cause the hospital to meet the .

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    NC Medical Care Commission: Sample Agreed Upon Procedures ...
    BLANK HOSPITAL, INCORPORATED AND AFFILIATES . We compared the forecasted debt service coverage ratio, as calculated by . Note 1 – Maximum annual debt service on the Series 2007 Bonds is $1882400 for FY 2007 and 2008 .

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    U.S. Not-For-Profit Health Care Stand-Alone Fiscal 2008 Median ...
    Jul 7, 2009 . downgrades on rated debt for stand-alone hospitals. . Standard & Poor's ratings are based on current information, but since we calculate median ratios from . Net available for debt service/maximum annual debt service .

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    A Guide To Capital Funding Options For Public Hospital Districts ...
    A publication funded by the Association of Washington Public Hospital. Districts . Annual debt service should be projected as less than amount of . maximum amount of outstanding LTGO debt is 0.75% . Calculated into the interest rate.

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    FHA 242 Hopital Loan FHA 242-223(f) Hospital Refinance
    THE FHA 242/223(f), FHA 242 Hospital was announced on July 2, 2009. . recent annual audited financial statements are not eligible for Section 242/223(f) . rate( s) in calculating the operating margin and debt service coverage ratios for prior periods. Use new . Maximum Repairs 20% of Mortgage Amount - none required .

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    Evaluating Health-Care Systems
    Jun 19, 2007 . one or more hospitals and any complementary entities within . evaluates Maximum Annual Debt Service, Long- . Note: Calculation Results in Notching Criteria - Score Summary are pulled directly from Supporting Calcula- .

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    Fitch Affirms Owensboro Medical Health System (KY) Revs at 'BBB+ ...
    Mar 19, 2012 . Fitch expects OMHS will grow into its debt burden following . PROJECT WITHIN SCHEDULE AND BUDGET: The replacement hospital project is on time . obligations in its maximum annual debt service (MADS) calculation, .

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    Aug 25, 2011 . *Balanced operating margins and good cash flow, with an annual . million for FY 2010 provided 9.5 times coverage of maximum annual debt service (MADS). . The Hospital provides good debt service coverage of its outstanding . Representing 46% of FY 2010 operating revenues, as calculated by .

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    Executive Summary
    Feb 25, 2010 . bed acute care hospital, various outpatient clinics and related facilities for . debt service coverage using an “annual debt service” calculation rather than the “ maximum annual debt service” suggested by Authority guidelines; .

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    National Marrow Donor Program and Subsidiaries
    through an interactive network of transplant centers (hospitals that care for . Realized gains and losses on the sale of investments are calculated on the basis of specific . maximum annual debt service with respect to the Series 2010 Bonds.

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    1 Two series of variable rate bonds are expected to be supported by ...
    (Moody's base calculations for CHW's FY 2011 operating income exclude $199 . *Decision to divest from two ailing hospitals provides immediate relief to operations . margin to 6.3%, and maximum annual debt service coverage to 3.7 %.

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    AnnuAl report concernIng cAtholIc heAlth InItIAtIves reportIng group
    ATTACHMEnT B: BETHEsDA HOsPITAl . Historical Long-Term Debt Service Coverage Ratio (7) . the chI credit group's expected maximum annual debt service following execution of . calculated at a 20-year average SIFMA rate of 2.54%.

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    Chapter 5: Assessing the Financial and Operational Condition of ...
    Despite some differences in the calculation of operating margin in . annual debt service – the total of all interest and . Trend in Median Debt Service Coverage for New Jersey Hospitals (1997 – 2005) . Since 100 percent of an entity's capital is the maximum amount that can be financed via debt, these hospitals' long- .

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    Financing the Future 2 - Report 2
    Approaches to Calculating Debt Capacity . . of a hospital's capital structure can cost or save the organization . MADS is maximum annual debt service.

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    New Jersey hospital takes bond rating hit | Healthcare Finance News
    Jul 15, 2010 . "We are also concerned about the below 1.0x coverage of maximum annual debt service, based on Standard & Poor's calculations of MADS." .

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    Southern Illinois University Housing and Auxiliary Facilities System
    The debt service coverage is calculated at the end of the year using cash basis data . sum of 10% of the maximum annual net debt service requirement or such . “Program") to cover its general liability, its hospital and medical professional .

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    LANCASTER POLLARD - Arizona Hospital and Healthcare ...
    Financing Options for Nonprofit Small and Rural Hospitals. About Lancaster . Unrestricted cash and investments / maximum annual debt service. (MaDS) .

    Fitch Affirms Cullman Regional Medical Center's (AL) Revs at 'BB+ ...
    Dec 2, 2011 . Hospitals underestimate threat of HCAHPS penalties · Integrated care cuts . by Fitch, CRMC's coverage of maximum annual debt service (MADS) coverage . EBITDA, as calculated by Fitch, which includes lease obligations.

    Debt Policy - University of Kentucky
    May 3, 2011 . applicable debt service) of research facilities. . financial ratios calculated and reported annually and when new debt is issued; and revised .

    Public Hospital District No. 1 Skagit County, Washington
    The Bonds are special limited obligations of Public Hospital District No. . lesser of (i) Maximum Annual Debt Service on all the Outstanding Parity . the factors used in calculating the prospective payments for units of service are modified by .

    Fitch Downgrades Orlando CRA (FL) Tax Increment Revs to 'A ...
    Mar 5, 2012 . Maximum annual debt service (MADS) coverage is an estimated 1.5 . The coverage calculation includes as revenue the Build America . The Nemours Children's Hospital and a new Veteran's Administration hospital are .

    Jan 6, 2012 . Capitalization, (iii) Liquidity, (iv) Maximum Annual Debt Service Coverage, . be included in the calculation of funds available for debt service.

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    . Fixed annual premium is 0.5 percent of the remaining mortgage balance; loan- to-value up to 90 % . (For hospitals recently designated as Critical Access, calculate financial . The proposed mortgage of $173102000 is well under the maximum . Service area definition; Existing or proposed hospital; Designation as sole .

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    Fitch Downgrades Orlando CRA (FL) Tax Increment Revs to 'A ...
    Mar 5, 2012 . Maximum annual debt service (MADS) coverage is an estimated 1.5 . The coverage calculation includes as revenue the Build America . The Nemours Children's Hospital and a new Veteran's Administration hospital are .

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    regular property taxes to pay the annual debt service payments. . methodology in the debt service coverage calculation, which TOTALLY IGNORES . Hospitals, since it provides the maximum possible amount of reimbursement, based upon .

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    Colorado Health Facilities Authority Poudre Valley Health System ...
    Strong coverage of maximum annual debt service (MADS) of 4.7x for the . compared to similarly rated hospitals, though we do expect these to continue to . Our calculation is based on MADS of $31.2 million, which includes the effect of .

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    the Members of the Obligated Group and by mortgages on the core hospital campuses of CCH . (1) the combined maximum annual debt service requirements on . calculated at the end of any Fiscal Year, is below 1.10, the Obligated Group .

    Merrill Lynch & Co.
    Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. . the Borrower pursuant to the Loan Agreement with respect to debt service on the Bonds, . service on the Bonds, and (c) the maximum annual debt service on the Bonds, such calculation to be .

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    Fitch Rates Memorial Health Services (CA) Series 2012A Bonds 'AA ...
    Apr 2, 2012 . Memorial operates five acute-care hospitals in the densely populated . Maximum annual debt service (MADS) of $38 million was calculated .

    Fitch Rates $2B Kaiser Permanente 2012 Revs 'A+/F1'; Outlook Stable
    Mar 21, 2012 . The ratings place a heavier emphasis on the hospital criteria since Kaiser's . at 179 days, cushion ratio (based on pro forma maximum annual debt service) . used to calculate future benefit obligations and pension expense.

    OREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY Financial Statements ...
    Patient revenues for the Hospital and Faculty Practice Plan increased by over . purposes, OHSU uses a somewhat different calculation of an average day's . agreements, OHSU must maintain a maximum annual debt service coverage ratio .

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    1013.64 - Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine
    Allocations from the Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt Service Trust Fund to the . These funds shall be calculated pursuant to the following basic formula: the . (f) At least one-tenth of a board's annual allocation provided under this . for multiple use of space to obtain maximum daily use of all spaces within the .

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    Mar 20, 2012 . Moody's calculation of pro forma direct debt ($1.39 billion) includes $226 million of . Maximum Annual Debt Service not to exceed 12% of Unrestricted . We note that annual debt services obligations are relatively limited as a . The university maintains a 20% stake in District Hospital Partners, LP which .

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    This Debt Primer is intended to provide basic knowledge of debt for . Variable interest rate - an interest rate that fluctuates based on a predetermined index or formula. . revenues may not be authorized if the maximum annual debt service on debt . Local debt includes debt issued by cities, counties, school and hospital .

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    California Municipal Bond Advisor Research
    Under a formula for budget cuts if revenue falls short this fiscal year, about $2 billion . The recent spurt of single-A nonprofit hospitals tapping the tax-exempt . will provide “very strong coverage of projected maximum annual debt service” at a .

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    Estimated Annual Debt Service Requirements . . . - - - - Z1 . Nursing, an Educational Television Studio, and a Student Hospital . Maximum Annual Debt Service, Series A through I (1996) $ 2690 850 . Calculation for Parity Bonds* .

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    Fitch Affirms Children's Specialized Hospital (NJ) at 'BBB'; Outlook ...
    Mar 21, 2012 . PROVIDER OF NICHE SERVICES: Children's Specialized Hospital . Coverage of maximum annual debt service (MADS) by EBITDA was 3.4x in . its outpatient reimbursement to a managed care formula on July 1, 2011 and .

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    Fitch Ratings Diagnoses Nonprofit Hospital Sector - The Bond Buyer ...
    Aug 29, 2011 . Median debt burden, which Fitch measures as maximum annual debt service as a percentage of revenue, saw slight decreases for all rating .

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    Restoring Accountability, Transparency and Oversight to Florida's ...
    Dec 6, 2011 . services as may be determined by the trustees of the hospital board. . * Maximum annual debt service (MADS): $5.5 million; $4.7 million . are subject to two covenants calculated at the end of each fiscal year: (1) no less .

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    Delay of Completion
    Office of Risk Services . The University may have debt service due on a preset . had loss or damage not occurred, and limited by the agreed maximum indemnity . Claim recovery calculation: $60000000 annual “Gross Earnings” exposure scheduled . The project consists of a new hospital tower as well as a central plant.

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    navigation bottom
    maintenance costs, which results in low debt service coverage. The rating remains . achieve a 1.25x DSCR as calculated based on a 30-year amortization schedule and an 8% . Coverage of maximum annual debt service for fiscal 2008 was . Williams Hospital effective January 4, 2010, whereby the two hospitals will .

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    Executive Summary
    Mar 29, 2012 . was organized in 1937 to provide community hospital services in . (b) Debt service coverage ratios calculated using Maximum Annual Debt .

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    Debt Management Plan - City of Glendale
    It is the City's policy to calculate its arbitrage rebate liability on an annual basis. . primarily comprised of a hospital, utilities, a large retail center, and . Total maximum annual excise tax debt service will represent a substantial 28.6% of .

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    morgan Keegan & company, inc. Raymond James & associates, inc ...
    . current earnings when calculating corporate alternative minimum taxable income. . health care Facility Revenue Bonds, children's hospital Series 2009 . Estimated Annual Debt Service Requirements for Long-Term Debt . . maximum annual principal and interest requirements on the Bonds, or (iii) 125% of the .

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    annual financial report
    from public higher education institutions via fee-for-service con- tracts. The decrease . The ratio is calculated as maximum annual debt service as a percentage of the . Colorado Hospital Authority that insures property, liability, and workers' .

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    Hospitals have opportunities to issue debt on their own or with com- mercial or federal . calculated in such a way that the debt available in some cases can meet . Unrestricted cash and investments / maximum annual debt service. ( MaDS) .$FILE/LancPoll%20Hosp%20Report_lo-res.pdf

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    Board of the Authority
    2011 Annual Conference . Public Authorities Accountability Act Annual Report . of marketing and pricing to achieve the maximum debt service savings for the hospital. . Mr. Simons stated that a debt service reserve fund will be established and . Mr. Purcell explained that the savings was calculated based on the original .

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    Federal Register | Federal Housing Administration (FHA): Hospital ...
    Jan 29, 2010 . In order to allow eligible hospitals seeking to refinance debt the . Key program criteria include a maximum loan-to-value of 90 percent and a loan . year of the date of application; (iv) the hospital's annual total debt service . when calculated from the three most recent annual audited financial statements.

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    10 Key Metrics as Components to Measuring Financial Health
    Mar 1, 2008 . Hospital CFOs are continually tracking and measuring financial . formula. 1. Operating Margin (%). Total operating revenues minus . Unrestricted cash and investments, divided by maximum future annual debt service. 7.

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    Hospital Refinance FHA 242/223F
    (B) Hospitals with average debt service coverage ratio of less than 1.80 when calculated from the three most recent annual audited financial . with the seller), the maximum mortgage amount must not exceed the cost to refinance the existing .

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    Description of the Formula
    program assists districts with the repayment annual debt service on bond issues . rate of $0.25 per mile, with a maximum annual amount of $816 per student.

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    Jan 1, 2012 . The annual SRF loan debt service amount is $1748046. In addition, the . ESTABLISHING A 2.5% MAXIMUM ANNUAL INF LATIONARY INCREASE . Multli-Family, Commercial, Hospitals & Schools . Calculation of the Average Winter Water Usage will be 125% of the average consumption of what is .

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    A Comparison of Rural Hospitals with Special Medicare Payment ...
    Results 10 - 19 . related to long-term debt, principal payments and interest expense. . For nearly as long as Medicare has paid for hospital services . or a hospital-specific rate calculated from historical costs. . The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA ) increased the maximum . Accumulated depreciation / Annual .

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    Fitch Affirms Ascension Health Sr Bnds at 'AA/F1+' and Sub Bnds at ...
    Maximum annual debt service (including subordinate debt See Junior debt. ) . nominal or face amount that is used to calculate payments made on that instrument. . --$525400000 Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority ( Ascension Health .'AA%2FF1%2B'+and+Sub+Bnds+at...-a0142355160

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    Real Estate Glossary - REIClub
    Annual Cap - maximum amount the interest rate on an adjustable rate . Cash Flow - The net operating income minus the total of all debt service payments. . food, utilities, entertainment, medical bills, etc. are not included in the calculation.

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    Assisted Living Operating Proforma and
    assumptions and calculations have been built into the model. . Annual Private- Pay Service Rate Increase” cell if you anticipate increasing your . For example, hospitals usually have higher wages than are paid in other types of . Enter in the cell for “Maximum Debt for Purposes of the Combined Proforma” the amount of .

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Generally, franchise fees are calculated based on a percentage of the companies ' gross receipts as a result of doing business in. Dallas . service reserve fund equal to the maximum annual debt . Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas .